Elixir Developer

Remote (Continental United States)

About Canncurrent

Canncurrent is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Think enterprise Zapier, with particular attention given to the cannabis industry. Customers connect 3rd party services with Canncurrent, and then build visual workflows based on triggers. Enterpise level features include long timeouts, branching flows, error branches, scripting, advanced result verification, and analytics / intelligence.

Canncurrent is built using a modern, performant, and productive tech stack. The "core" is Elixir (Phoenix), running as a distributed cluster in Kubernetes (GCP). Storage is Postgres (also GCP), with an in-memory distributed cache. The app UI is built in Nuxt.js (SSR Vue.js), deployed to k8s as well, and primarily communicates with the core via a public GraphQL API. Push notifications and RPC are done over socket. This is the real deal.

Job Description

While the opportunity exists to be involved in the entire stack, your primary role will be to work on the core Elixir / Phoenix app; reporting directly to the CTO. The entire team is remote, but keeps typical EST office hours and communicates via Slack. Everyone has a high degree of autonomy; which requires trust and an overral adult approach to your work.


You do not need to be an Elixir wizard, have intimate knowledge of OTP, erlang, or even know how concurrency works. It's most important that you are self-motivated, and have real-world experience with web apps in production (not necessarily Elixir based).


  • 3+ professional software / technology experience
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Elixir
  • Experience with GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in RDBMS (eg. Postgres and/or MySQL)
  • Experience running Docker for local dev
  • Ability to work without supervision


  • You have worked on a production Phoenix / Elixir app
  • Experience with Absinthe GraphQL
  • Experience with socket / channel communication


  • Experience in deploying to Kubernetes
  • Experience in Node.js (we use Node for our UI SSR)

How to Apply

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please send us an email with your resume and any additional relevant information.